Thieves 盗贼配方


  • Contains clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus
  • Used by a group of thieves in 14th century to stay immune while stealing from the victims of plague
  • Eliminates bacteria and odor of household equipments
  • Apply and massage bottom of feet, throat, stomach, intestines
  • Dilute as required. Cautious as may cause skin irritation
  • 含丁香、肉桂、迷迭香、柠檬和桉树精油
  • 十四世纪一群小偷使用此配方保持免疫力以抢劫瘟疫受害者
  • 捍卫和保护于空气中危险的细菌
  • 去除家庭用具中的细菌和异味
  • 应用和按摩于脚底、喉部、肚子、肠胃部
  • 根据需要调稀。谨慎使用以免引起皮肤过敏