Purification 净化配方


  • Contains lemongrass, rosemary, lavandin, melaleuca alternifolia
  • Antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and sanitizing
  • Clear blemished skin. Sterilizing wounds and cuts
  • Cleanse insect bites and soothe itching
  • Repel insects and deter bugs by spraying water bottle
  • Purifies and cleanses bacteria in the air
  • Deodorizes and neutralizes cigarette smoke and noxious odors
  • Cautious as it can be irritating to sensitive skin
  • 含香茅、迷迭香、杂薰衣草、茶树精油
  • 消毒、抗菌、抗真菌
  • 清除暗疮粉刺。清洗伤口消毒
  • 昆虫叮咬去毒和舒缓瘙痒
  • 参在水瓶喷射以驱除昆虫
  • 净化空气中的细菌
  • 净化空气中的香烟味和其他异味
  • 谨慎使用以免引起皮肤过敏