Joy 喜悦配方


  • Contains bergamot, lemon, ylang ylang, geranium, jasmin, rose
  • Creates magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart
  • Promotes feelings of love, self-love and confidence
  • Opens blocks in lives where shut down to love or receiving love
  • Ease nervous tension and stress, balance the emotions
  • Wear as perfume or cologne especially over the heart
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after use
  • 含佛手柑、柠檬、依兰、天葵兰、茉莉、玫瑰精油
  • 建立磁场,为心带来快乐
  • 促进爱的感觉,自爱和信心
  • 解开生命中阻止给予或接受爱的阻碍
  • 缓解神经紧张和压力,平衡情绪
  • 当香水或古龙水使用,特别用于心部位
  • 使用后十二小时内避免在阳光下曝晒