How To Use 如何使用

  • how to use 1
  • how to use 1
  • how to use 1


  • Inhale directly from the bottle
  • Put 1 or 2 drops in hand, rub and inhale
  • Diffuse with diffusers
  • Breath from a bowl with hot water and few drops of essential oil 

Topical Application

  • Place 2 or 3 drops of oil in palm or directly on the desired area. Massage the oil in circular motion onto the skin
  • Using essential oil bottle with a roll-on cap
  • Apply the oil on bottom of feet with Vita Flex technique
  • Be cautious of hot oils, may cause irritation. Dilute with vegetable oil as required especially for sensitive skin, baby or first time using


  • 从瓶里直接吸入
  • 放一两滴在手,揉一下再吸入
  • 使用香薰扩散器
  • 倒几滴精油在盛着热水的碗中,低头吸入


  • 倒两三滴精油于掌心或在所需的部位,在 皮肤上圆周按摩
  • 使用备有滚轮的精油瓶
  • 配合用于脚底指压按摩
  • 小心辣性的油,可能引起刺激。根据需要采用植物油调稀,特别是敏感皮肤,婴儿或首次使用