Order 订购

You can buy Young Living essential oils through the following ways. 您可以透过以下方式购买 Young Living 精油产品:

  • Retail Home
  • Retail Home
  • Retail Home

1) Visit Us @ Fairy Essential

You can find out more about Young Living products in our office at Puchong, Selangor. Please call for an appointment.
你可以前来我们的办事处询问和试用Young Living 精油产品! 敬请预约。


2) Join as Young Living Wholesale Member

You may join as a Young Living member and order through Young Living Virtual Office . By joining as a Wholesale Member, you can enjoy 24% off retail price and many other benefits! Check the Member Page for more information.

你可以加入成为 Young Living 会员,直接通过会员网站向 Young Living公司订购。当你注册成为传销会员,你可享有24%的零售价折扣及其他的优惠!详情请看会员专页