Advantages 益处

First Aid with Essential Oils

  • Fast acting – It only takes seconds to minutes for the essential oil to react within the body. They penetrate cell walls including blood brain barrier.
  • Handy and ready – It is so convenient to carry around and ready to use immediately when emergency happens.
  • Simple and easy – Can be applied topically with some massage, diffused or taken orally. No surgery!

  • Least side effects – Basically there are no side effects from applying these organic oils except some oils may be too strong and irritating if taken without dilution. Oils will be removed from the body after 2 hours.
  • Long shelf life – Apart from citrus oil which produced by cold press and reacts to sunlight, basically there is no expiry date for other essential oils if being well kept.
  • Economic – It might be expensive when buying a bottle of essential oil, however the cost is lower compared to other healing options as it needs only a few drops of oil per application. There is around 250 drops of oil in every 15ml bottle.

  • Support for pre-medication – Good support while waiting or on the way to hospital. Pain relief, ease of breathing, temperature or inflammation control is critical during emergency moment.
  • Beyond chemistry – Essential oils carry high electrical frequencies that heals physical problems caused by mind and emotional imbalance.

精油益处 : 起居急救

  • 快速作用 – 只需要几秒至几分钟精油就会在体内起作用。它们穿透细胞膜墙及血脑屏障。
  • 方便备用 – 它如此方便携带,在紧急情况发生时可立即使用。
  • 简单容易 – 可以在局部涂用加上按摩,使用扩散器或内服。无需打针注射!
  • 鲜少副作用 – 有机精油基本上是没有副作用的。除了一些精油可能太辣,若不调稀会引起刺激。精油在服用二小时后会从体内排出。
  • 保质期长 – 除了冷榨式生产的柑橘类精油会遭受阳光而变质,基本上其他精油若保存完好其有效期

  • 经济 – 购买一瓶精油时可能觉得昂贵,但比起其他护理其消费是低的,因为每次使用只需用上几滴。15毫升的瓶子大约有250滴精油。
  • 医务前支持 – 在等待或送往医院途中给予良好的支撑。在紧急时刻缓解疼痛,呼吸顺畅,抑制高温或发炎是至关重要的。
  • 超越化学 – 精油的高频率振动可以治愈由心理和情绪失衡引起的生理问题。
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