Young Living Member 会员

By joining Young Living you’ll be buying directly from Young Living Malaysia HQ and enjoying the benefits offered by the company. We will assist you as Sponsor.

当您成为Young Living 会员,您将直接从马来西亚Young  Living 总部购入产品及享受有关的优惠。而我们将为您提供会员支援。

Benefits of Wholesale Member

Wholesale Pricing: Save 24 percent off retail pricing on all products. Save more with monthly promotion free gifts.

Essential Rewards: An optional monthly auto-ship program at reduced shipping rate, up to 25% redeemable points.

Business Building: Earn monthly commissions, bonuses and recognition when you share Young Living products with your friends as a independant distributor.


Community Support: Knowledge and experience sharing from sponsor, the regional office and Young Living company.


批发价: 节省24%零售价。可获取每月促销贈品。

回馈计划: 可参与每月自动采购计划,享有运费折扣及多达25%的兑换积分。

创业机会: 与众人分享Young Living 产品,获取每月佣金,分红和奖励。

团体支持: 可获得赞助人,区域公司或总公司的知识和经验分享。

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By selecting one of the following Starter Kits, you’ll be registered as Young Living Wholesale Member and enjoy member price in future purchase:

选择以下一个会员启动配套,您将注册成为 Young Living 传销会员,可在日后享有会员价格:

Basic Starter Kit
Basic Plus Starter Kit
Premium Starter Kit

Signup Guide

Go to Young Living Official Signup Page with our Sponsor ID. It will be the same procedure to signup as Wholesale Member / Distributor:

  • Select “Malaysia” & select default “Wholesale Member” (DO NOT select “Retail Customer”)
  • Step 1: Choose Premium Starter Kit
  • Skip Step 2 & Step 3,  Continue Enrollment
  • Next page: Personal Information
  • Put IC number under Tax info column
  • Agree terms and proceed to following page

  • Select Shipping Method: City-Link
  • Key in Billing Information
  • Review your account and order details. Click Activate Account
  • You’ll be receiving your Starter Kit within 1 week via GDex.
  • In future you may place Regular Order or Essential Rewards Order (monthly autoship with reward points) at

Follow Up & Assistance

  • When you Signup with our Sponsor ID, we’ll be able to assist you along the buying process and guiding you to optimize the costs and benefits of Young Living membership.
  • We will follow up with you locally.
  • Contact us if you have any questions about membership and  registration @ 03-58821580 / 016-2639180 or


请到这个附有我们赞助编号的 Young Living 官方会员签购 网址。会员/传销的注册程序是一样的:

  • 选择“Malaysia” 及选择默认 “Wholesale Member” (不要选择“Retail Customer’)
  • 选择 Step 1: Premium Starter Kit, 掠过 Step 2 & Step 3
  • 下页: 个人资料, 税务栏是填身份证号码
  • 往下一页填上邮寄地址,信用卡
  • 你将在一星期内收到产品包裹


  • 当你注册时使用我们的赞助编号,我们将能在过程中给于你协助,以及指导你如何减低采购成本和享受Young  Living 会员的所有优惠。
  • 往后你可以到 登录户口,通过 Standard Order 或 Essential Rewards Order 购买产品。后者是一项每月自动邮购计划,享有较低邮费和高达25%兑换积分。
  • 若对于会员注册和优惠有任何疑问请联络 03-58821580 或
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